About Us


DFI Swayamvaram is one of the Service wings of Dhanwantari Foundation International with more than 1,00,000 Members across 22 Countries in the world, for the welfare of Brahmin Community. DFI Marriage Bureau Wing started functioning from the 20th July, 2007 and so far, it has conducted 93 conventions.

Non availability of  a Life partner of  choice and influence of Western culture is leading to Inter-caste and Inter-religious marriages endangering our Traditions and Culture. DFI Matrimonial wing is working towards putting an end to this situation. Prospective Brides and Grooms can utilize this wing’s services by furnishing  their details to the Marriage Bureau. Complete information will be available on this website. All the registered members will be given an ID and Password for browsing the data and photographs of prospective Brides/Grooms.

Members can go through the list of brides and grooms and select, as per their choice and go ahead on mutual consent with Sacred Bondage of Marriage.

Chairman’s Message:

The ultimate purpose of every life unit is realization of the universal and eternal truth. In  ancient era, Brahman community by and large worked for the above goal not only for themselves but also for the entire society. As Knowledge imparters, not aiming at Materialistic Possessions, their very meagre livelihood was taken care and they were respected by the rest of society. In prevailing predominant adharma effect of kaliyuga, Brahmin community at large is pushed to pathetic miserable conditions, forcing them to deviate grossly from original road.

 It is high time for all intellectuals of Brahman community worldwide to get above sub-sects, regions and languages to join hands together and strengthen themselves in every respect to re-establish the golden era. It is also the responsibility ordained to the Brahmin Community to uplift entire society.

Dhanwantari Foundation International  (DFI) is working for the above goal and appeals to the Brahman Community members worldwide to join hands to convert the above vision into reality.